Starting and Naming a Business Essay

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BUSI 561, Legal Issues in Business
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Starting & Naming a Business
Betty Wilson’s venture of opening a Christian Coffee House in Belmont, NC, presents her with abundant opportunities in selecting a business form. She is considering the following types of entities: 1) franchise, 2) sole proprietorship, 3) partnership of some sort, 4) corporation of some sort, 5) LLC, or 6) even as a joint venture. We will briefly explore each business option and give Betty concise recommendations as to what business form to pursue as well as what business partners to engage.
A franchise is a legal agreement between franchisers and franchisees that consents use of the franchise’s trademark and trade name or marketing plan
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Finally, at any time a limited partnership agreement is breached, the business entity is treated as a general partnership.
A corporation is a separate legal entity that possesses distinctive liabilities and privileges than that of their members or shareholders. As an investor, a corporation’s advantage is liability for their own investments especially in risky investments (Kubasek, et al., 2012, p. 760). Among the various types of corporations for Betty to select from, an S corporation is an enticing venture for new entrepreneurs given that it grants limited personal liability for debts, sharing of corporate profits, and taxation relief. Double taxation is a main disadvantage of C corporations but not for S corporations. The General Corporation Law (Corp C §§100-2319) treats S corporations similarly to partnerships for taxation purposes.
Limited Liability Company (LLC) As a hybrid of partnerships and corporations, LLC’s provide limited liability for debts and flexibility to be taxed as a partnership or corporation (Staring and Naming a Business Presentation, 2012, Slide 5). Some specific advantages include being empowered authorities in the management of the business, diversity of members, limited liability, pass-through taxation, and less paperwork (appreciated by many). A drawback of this business structure is the need for a tailored operating agreement that specifies the specific needs of the

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