Startup Americ A Government Initiative

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Startup America is a government initiative that is used to inspire and produce entrepreneurship throughout the country. By holding the belief that innovation is the backbone of this country, Obama created this campaign in order to create and develop entrepreneurship. As a result, the goal is trying to achieve sustainable growth and quality jobs in the economy. Overall, Startup America is a process that believes entrepreneurship is a core American value that allowed for the country to be where its at, therefore, this campaign is trying to increase the success and overall production of future entrepreneurship. When Joseph Schumpeter analyzes this campaign, he would agree with its concepts. To begin, Schumpeter is an economist who…show more content…
Therefore, since entrepreneurs are the messengers and developers of the methods of producing economic development, Schumpeter would be for Startup America. Overall, Schumpeter would agree with the philosophy of Startup America, as it allows for entrepreneurs to be more successful, which in his mind would increase economic development. Next, when Israel Kirzner would examine Startup America he would approve of its focus on entrepreneurship in America, however, he would find flaws in the methods that Startup America uses. First, he would like how Startup America concentrated on promoting entrepreneurship, as he also believes it is directly correlated to economic development. In Kirzner’s article, “The Alert and Creative Entrepreneur”, he says, “ Successful entrepreneurship plays an enormously significant role in driving economic development, growth, an in the achievement of the prosperous economy”(1). Clearly, as stated in his article, Kirzner understands the significance of successful entrepreneurship and how it can impact the economy, therefore, he wants to find ways to promote entrepreneurship and increase its success, which is exactly what Startup America is doing. Although, Kirzner would agree with the philosophy of Startup America, he would dislike how it prioritizes everything. Instead of prioritizing, Kirzner would call for clear and equal rules, which would produce equality throughout the economy. Basically, Kirzner would find that Startup
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