Starvation And Its Effects On Life

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Starvation. Not many people know what that feels like, but I do. You know the feeling of pain in your abdomen when you have gone too long without eating? Now, imagine that pain turning to numbness and you have this empty ache deep inside. Have you ever gotten caught up in something and skipped a meal or forgotten to eat? You know how your body gets weak and tired and sometimes, if your blood sugar gets too low, you start to shake? Imagine if that became your normal and every second of everyday you felt like that. That. is what starvation feels like. The sad part was, I did it to myself. I was in a downward spiral, oblivious to the people around me, as they tried to catch me before I hit rock bottom. Despite their best efforts, I hit rock bottom, quite literally actually, and I was left broken, looking up at what my life could have and should have been. In the last five months I had lost almost half of my body weight and I had given up on living. I had reached the point where I would go as much as ten days between meals, and by meal I mean an apple and a slice of turkey, only just enough to keep myself alive. I could barely stand for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and every single time I stood up, black spots would flash across my vision. I would shake and shiver all the time, even in extremely hot weather. To be honest, I was starting to die. Now, many people would not consider passing out as a life defining moment, but for me it was. I was standing, talking to my
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