Starwood Hotels And Leisure Industry

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts is a Fortune 500 company specializing in the hotel and leisure industry. As noted by their website and, it currently operates close to 1,300 properties across 100 countries while employing about 188,000 employees. The company was founded back in 1969 by Barry S. Sternlicht, and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. The company, is comprised of nine brands of which own and lease hotels and resorts. Starwood currently operates under two segments, hotel business and residential business/ vacation ownership. Each segment is then also broken down into three segments. They are the Asia Pacific, EAME, and the Americas respectively. Now that we have a general overview of the company, let us now focus…show more content…
Starwood Hotels are currently operated by Thomas B. Mangas. However, due to the short time span between the appointment of the new CEO taking charge and of today, we will focus our attention to using ratings from the former Starwood CEO. The main reason is better to have a clearer understanding of the leadership and work environment that Starwood has historically held. Like many other companies Starwood follows a code of conduct that describes the company’s detailed procedures and rules when it comes to conducting business. Company values, as displayed on the official Starwood website, consist of: 1) go the extra step, 2) play as a team, and 3) do the right thing. The company not only emphasis guest experience, but also stakeholder returns by being a growing, stable and strong company. The company also claims to seek for a variety of employees. They want to make sure their company is diversified in order to prosper. According to, Starwood has, “nurtured more than 10,600 employees across various levels in the organization and surfaced close to 72% of it female general mangers (GMs) internally.” With this being said Starwood is a company that emphasizes female leadership and education. They want their female employees to move up the ladder just like a male employee would. By offering trainings and mentoring programs, Starwood
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