Stasis at Corcyra Essay

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Stasis at Corcyra
     The French Revolution, the American Civil War, the constant civil conflicts in certain parts of Africa in recent history and even today; these are all historical clashes of countrymen. They all also contain stories of immense atrocities. The violence, bloodshed, and ruthlessness that were seen throughout these events were appalling. They were made perhaps even more so by the fact that theses horrors were inflicted upon one another by countrymen, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. The civil war or stasis at Corcyra during the Peloponnesian War was no different. This paper will detail the events surrounding the conflict and attempt to give scope to it as a mirror into the rest of the
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     The oligarchs then immediately called an assembly and rationalized what they had done. They proposed that the city basically cut itself off from both sides of the greater conflict. They proposed that delegations from either side only be accepted if they came with just one ship, any more and they would all be treated as enemies. The motion was then promptly forced through the assembly and in fear the oligarchs sent delegates to Athens wit their own version of the story that the democrats had by now been telling. The Athenians responded by not only refusing the delegates but by arresting them and all who listened to them (III.72).
     While all of this took place in Athens a ship with a delegation of Spartans arrived at Corcyra and this heartened the oligarchs. They saw an opportunity to seize total control of the community. They armed themselves and attacked the democrats defeating them that first day. They pushed the democrats back to the high grounds of the city near the Hyllaic port and the acropolis. There the democrats built defensive walls and settled in for a siege (III.72). The oligarchs took up opposing positions in the own square and prepared for the same. The next day there was just a little fighting as the sides eagerly recruited more men, the democrats from among the ranks of the slaves and the oligarchs hired 800 mercenaries from just
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