Stat 3321 – Final, Spring, 2007

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STAT 3321 – Final, Spring, 2007 – Green Exam - Printed Name_______________________ By signing below I state that I understand that academic dishonesty can result in punishment resulting in at least a zero on this test and could include expulsion from the university and that all the work on this exam is mine. Directions 1. Do not open exam until told. 2. Bubble in your last name, skip a space, and then your first name on the scantron. 3. Set all pagers and cell phones to silent and place on floor or backpack 4. When finished place your printed material inside your exam and place on desk in front. 5. Check the board for corrections to the exam before leaving. 6. You can not use your phone as a calculator. 7. Assume a = 0.05…show more content…
0.0166 b. 0.0394 c. 0.3708 d. 0.0228 e. none of the above 12 In performing a regression analysis involving two numerical variables, we are assuming: a. All of these choices are correct. b. the variances of x and y are equal. c. y has the same variation for each x value.. d. that x and y are independent. e. the distribution of x is normal. 13 The classification of student major (accounting, economics, management, marketing, other) is an example of: a. a categorical or qualitative random variable. b. a discrete random variable. c. a continuous random variable. d. a parameter. e. a scatter plot 14 In the simple linear regression model, the slope represents the: a. average change in x per unit change in y b. value of y when x = 0 c. value of x when y = 0.. d. average change in y per unit change in x.. e. the value of y given a value of x. 15 In testing the hypotheses: H0 β1 ’ 0: vs. H1: β 1 ≠ 0 , the following statistics are available: n = 10, b0 = 1.8, b1 = 2.45, and Sb1= 1.20. The value of the test statistic is: a. 1.50 b. 0.300 c. 1.96 d. 0.306 e. 2.042 16 Which of the following is not a measure of central tendency? a. the standard deviation b. the mode c. the mean d. the median e. all of the others are measures of central tendency 17 In regression analysis, the coefficient of determination R2 measures the amount of variation in y

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