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| Determinants of Profit in Various Supermarkets. | | | Submitted by: | Date: | | Abstract: The research statistically determines the profits of supermarkets based on the sales of food items, non-food items and size of supermarket. The regression model was done on both models to determine that in both models, increase in sales and size of stores increases the overall profit. However the model with independent variables sales of food items, sales of non-food items and size of stores is the more relevant model. Introduction: There are 10 supermarkets with different kinds of products. These products are food products and non-food products. The paper wants to understand the relation between the profits these…show more content…
It is positive and very close to 1. This means that this model is Adjusted R square is 96 % meaning that 96 % of change in the profit can be explained by these 2 variables. The F Significance value is negligible meaning that the model is very significant. The regression line formula is: Profit = 3.75 + 0.04*Non-food sales + 0.63* store size It means that with every 1 dollar increase in non-food items sales, the profit increases by 0.04 dollars. And with each 1 unit increase in the size of the
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