State And Local Education System

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State and local governments are very much integrated in to the public education system. Simply by browsing through the pages on the PA educational website you can see and read the influence that the state has over the state and local education systems.
According to the website under students, “The Pennsylvania Department of Education strives to assist Pennsylvanians in becoming inspired, productive and fulfilled life-long learners by offering a wide variety of programs and services. The department 's efforts to help every student reach his or her fullest potential begin in the earliest years through the promotion of accessible, affordable, high-quality pre-kindergarten programs.”
From the website under parents, “Parents and families play an integral and unique role in the support, development and success of a student. To aid in their efforts, the Pennsylvania Department of Education provides a variety of resources aimed at helping parents and families as they guide students along the educational pathway. The department promotes a broad approach to educational and emotional development that encourages a collaboration of families, educators and the community to help every child reach his or her fullest potential.”
And from the website under Administrators, “The Pennsylvania Department of Education recognizes the importance of educational administrators in helping to create the best schools possible. To aid in their efforts, the department offers many resources targeted to
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