State Capacity Of The United Nations And European Union

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State capacity challenges in Belgium
This essay will argue how a certain state handles challenges to state capacity. State capacity is the ability of a state to implement decisions and whether it has the resources, organization and leadership to implement its decesions.1 This essay will describe the challenges Belgium had the last decade and will argue how this affected the state capacity. Belgium is a constitutional monarchy and a member of the Europian Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN). These institutions have influence on the state capacity of Belgium as the state is obliged to follow certain guidelines of these institutions. However, I won 't discuss the influence of the United Nations and European Union, because these influences are relatively small in the discussed issues. In this essay it will be argued how the economic crisis and the problems with forming of government challenged the state capacity of Belgium.
The economic crisis started in 2008 with the collapse of Lehmann Brothers in the United States. The crisis slowly spread throughout the world, with Europe slipping into recession during 2009.2 The crisis spread faster and into every layer of society due to slow decision-making capacity. Too often, institutional weaknesses meant that tough decisions on worrying macroeconomic developments were postponed.3 Later, I will discuss the decision making challenges that Belgium faced.

Before the economic crisis, Belgium had a strong economy. Public debt was

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