State Constitutions Have Many Functions

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State constitutions have many functions. A state constitution defines the powers given to political institutions and also to individuals. For example, the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the Texas Constitution “provides specific freedoms to the citizens and limits the power of the government.” ( The constitution also prevents any one person, persons or political office from becoming too powerful by using a system of checks and balances. State constitutions also declare rights for its citizens which do not allow certain kinds of government activities to intrude upon their lives. Texas’s Constitution goes much further in defining the people’s rights than the US Constitution.
There are five key ways in which the Texas and US constitutions are similar. The first, both preambles start out very similarly, the US preamble says “We the people of the United States of America” and the Texas constitution preamble proclaims “the People of Texas, do ordain and establish this Constitution.” By starting both of these constitutions in this way gives the political power to the people, it is created “by the people, for the people”. (Abraham Lincoln) Second, both constitutions give way to separation of powers. Each division of government, legislative, executive and judicial have their own powers defined by the people. They each have their defined duties but must work together when making decisions. Third, both constitutions have set up a system
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