State Control Of Alcohol Distribution

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State control of alcohol distribution is just one of many benevolent government formulations that in the end does more harm than good to the people of Pennsylvania. In their naïve, paternalistic attempt to defend “moral virtues” and to “protect people from themselves,” our state government continues to ridicule the American ideals of free market competition and individual liberty. Consumers should have the ability to purchase any variant of alcohol that private stores are willing to sell at the market price at any time. Private stores should be able to compete freely to sell alcohol to customers, selecting their own hours and enforcing their own rules on the sale of alcohol at their discretion. At long last, these free-market principles appear to have once again taken hold in Harrisburg, as a bill is in place in the Pennsylvania Legislature that would privatize liquor sales in the state. In order to encourage the Pennsylvania Senate to act on the bill (the House passed it earlier in 2015), I submit this essay, wherein we will discuss both the pros and cons of privatizing liquor sales in Pennsylvania. By examining the major arguments for (such as the blossoming of new business opportunities-see Wegman’s bistro that serves alcohol) and the arguments against (such as worries that unfettered access to alcohol will lead to public health crises, and thus more taxes and debt for taxpayers) liquor privatization, I hope to elucidate the rhetoric employed by both sides of one
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