State Farm Commercial Analysis

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The commercial’s demographic seems to be adults between the late 20’s through the 50’s, and married. I believe the “hidden-fear” of cheating is a psychographic of the State Farm commercial, since the commercial is solely focused on proving that infidelity is wrong and should not be committed. Also the commercial tends to point out that women will find out anything they can if their significant other is sneaking around.
The overt message shared with the public is the importance of having insurance. The idea that insurance is important and can even keep you up at night is shared in this commercial, since the wife blurts out that it is 3 a.m. Obviously, the husband had questions that needed to be cleared up and called State Farm at 3 a.m. to
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The point of the commercial weighs past experiences with things that may happen in their future. The good things were in yellow, and the bad were in blue. The outcome showed an even mix of good and bad experiences in the past, and what the crowd of people hope to happen in the future as mainly positive. The commercial was used to share the impression that anything can happen in life and you should be prepared with insurance.
The psychographic behind the Prudential commercial is, as stated above, allowing the company to weigh in on past and future situations that can affect a person’s life. The commercial plays off one’s emotions as it shows the words people place on the wall, such as, “Divorce,” or “Graduated College.” The commercial shares that it is good to think optimistically, but we should all be prepared for the future and what it brings. The commercial does not entirely focus on political affiliation or religion, just “what if’s,” and “what have’s,” so to
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By purchasing life insurance, you make sure that future you, or your dependents, will be taken care of by your purchased policy. Lastly, the semiotics of the commercial are the words shared on the magnets. Individuals placed magnets with words such as divorce, graduated college, illness, purchase house, promotion, hospitalized, and many more. The magnets represent the semiotics which stand for the past and future experiences that have, or will, affect lives. The commercial hits various topics, whether they were sad or happy, to show how buying insurance can ease some anxious feelings you may have as you progress through life. Again, this commercial, similar to the first in message, stresses the importance of purchasing an insurance
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