State Health Policy Analysis

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State Health Policy Analysis William Bythwood MHA620 Health Policy Analyses Professor Saran Tucker March 7, 2011

State Health Policy Analysis Abstract: The rises of health cost have put strains on State, Federal and employers budgets and have severely hurt US families’ income in recent years. An analysis of State health policy by the federal government projects that premiums for insurance for employer based programs will increase from 12,298 in 2008 to 23,842 by 2020. This would be a 94% increase in insurance cost. It is projected that health reforms by the federal government will help states reign in health cost and slow the growth by 1% in all states by 2020. This would save $2571 per year per
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Enrollment growth may be attributed to the recession and the decision to expand Medicaid eligibility in some states because of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (Kaiser Commission February 2011) Unfortunately the ARRA Medicaid matching funds are due to expire on June 30, 2011 and States are being crippled by immediate budgetary crises and many cuts are expected in the Medicaid programs despite their success in controlling per capita cost growth. If the ARRA is allowed to expire despite many states fiscal situation are still bad, it could be castrophic for those on Medicaid because states will be forced to cut services and spending and this could have an adverse effect on access to the poorest and most ill patients because access and health quality will be affected. If States decide to reduce enrollment it will affect the already growing uninsured population. (Kaiser Foundation February 2011) State Governors according to the Kaiser Family foundation commission on Medicaid were able to maintain all Medicaid expansions and improvements to their Medicaid programs and State Children Health Insurance plans despite budget constraints. This allowed States to cover millions of low income families who would be part of the uninsured. State Medicaid programs could not cover adults without children before the health reform law provided the money and the waiver. The New Law allows for
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