State Highway Patro Officer for the State of California

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Marcel Bacon is a State Highway patrol Police Officer for the State of California. Marcel enforces the traffic laws for the State of California, assists with general law enforcement, and assists with other public safety agencies. Earlier in Marcel’s career he worked for the airlines and customer service. Marcel got involved in law enforcement because he enjoys structure such as discipline, and organization. Highway Patrol is a para military organization. The beginning of Marcel’s career was tough he went back and forth deciding whether he wanted to go into the Los Angeles Fire Department or Highway Patrol. He prepared eight months prior before attending the Police Academy; physically, mentally and gathered all documentation about his background prior to applying for the position; checking passed employers, tickets, neighbors and credit check. The education required for Highway Patrol is a high school diploma but for promotional opportunities it is recommended to have a degree. College courses that are not mandatory but recommended should be involved with preparing you for such as being task orientated, writing reports, paper work for courts, leadership, and structure you on a time line. There are always opportunities in law enforcement for college graduates and you can go as far as you wish to go. On a daily basis Marcel starts his day at 5:00am-3:30pm and has three days off a week, he is in daily, and works the metropolitan area and urban area mostly in LA County. He

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