State Is Not A Unified Entity Essay

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After this background, the state is briefly a distinct set of institutions that has the authority to make the rules, which govern a society. As Max Weber stated, it has a monopoly on the use of legitimate violence within a specific territory (Weber 1919/2009). Thus, the state consists of the institutions such as the military, the police, judiciary, bureaucracy, civil services, the parliament, local and national selected representatives. Thus, the state is not a unified entity. Indeed, it looks like a set of institutions, which provide a specific ground and boundaries for political struggles between various interest groups or parties over the use of resources and direction of public policy (Poggi 1990; Scott 2014). There are frequently conflicts between policies and resources, between elected politicians and civil servants, or between politicians in the different levels of the state. Consequently, it is difficult to identify the interest and identity of the state since different apparatuses of the state can have different or conflicting directions. In this perspective, the fundamental features of the state would then become the historically variable ensemble of practices and techniques that produce, naturalize and manage territorial space as a bounded container within which political power can be exercise to achieve various, relatively well integrated, somewhat changing policy objectives (Jessop 2007:5). Specifically, the state can be defined as a distinct ensemble of

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