State Museum Essay

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According to the research I did on the website before coming to the State Museum of Pennsylvania, ever since it was created in 1905, this museum has both collected and preserved the history of the State of Pennsylvania.(n.d., About Section, para. 1). This peaked my interest on the museum so on Sunday morning my Dad gave me a ride to the State Museum of Pennsylvania. The weather conditions were particularly colder than usual. It felt like ice cubes were rubbing on my skin. I saw a couple of people going inside the building and I followed after them. When I walked into the building the temperature felt warmer than it was outside. The facility smelt like fresh soap and conditioning. The first artifact that caught my attention was a huge…show more content…
My eyes first gazed upon a painting on the p.2 right side of the wall. It was a picture of a woman who most likely lived in the early 19th century. She was Caucasian and wore a black dress. The painting also had a golden-like frame around it. I touched the frame itself-wondering what kind of materials were used to create it. As a whole wasn’t masterful yet I could sense some of the passion that went into this painting. I looked around the facility and came to the realization that I was the only one there at the time. As oppose to my experience in the State Museum, I could hear my own thoughts clearly. There wasn’t too much noise to distract me from the experience. The building was in fact a lower caliber when compared to the State Museum. It smelled different and it felt different as well however, just because it was of a lower caliber, it doesn’t mean that it was a horrendous experience. It had it’s own aesthetic flare-one that I fairly enjoyed. As I paced around the lobby I could hear the floor I was stepping on make a creaking noise. It persisted throughout my entire stay at the building. After that I took some of the chocolate covered peanuts I had and eat some of them. From the outside, it smelled like cocoa. The chocolate tasted like sweetened cocoa that melted in my mouth. When the chocolate subsided, I could taste the peanut that was inside of it. It was crunchy and a bit salty. After
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