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State of the Essay The thing about these essays is that the problems I encounter with them are twofold. It’s like that scene in Jurassic Park where they realize that they have all the problems of a major zoo and a major amusement park. First, I have to worry about the time managment piece. When students wait until the last minute to do the work it’s generally not very good or it’s incomplete or both...probably both. That is a self-discipline issue that is completely removed from what I’m actually trained to teach my students. My hands are tied when I’m confronted with this. The second problem is the problem that I actually enjoy dealing with; writing. This problem is multifaceted and fascinating. Working together at the task of becoming better writers is actually fun. I’ve seen it become fun for other people. It’s not just me. As I stated, the writing problem is multi-faceted but those facets generally reside in one of three categories: content, form, and technicality. The content of a 110 student’s paper includes the personal narrative, the universal, and the academic. I’ve tried to explain the prompt a dozen different ways , but the one that has the best track record is this one: “Think of a moment where you had an epiphany about life and what it meant to live it...what it meant to be you and why it meant that...something you learned about yourself that may benefit others in the telling.” It sounds pretty good, but it’s still inadequate. It still elicits

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