State Practice Act Case Study

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1. Now for your little research project: Your job is to locate a copy of your state Practice Act. This should be as simple as asking your doctor for a copy, but for many of you, it will not be so easy. Search the internet, and if you still have problems locating it, CALL THE COLLEGE LIBRARY FOR ASSISTANCE!!! That is what they are there for! After you find a copy, I want you to READ it. I know it is not exciting, but do it anyway. When you are done, I want you to tell us 3 things that you did not previously know were covered by the law or that you found interesting. DO NOT just copy and paste! Interpret in your own words and tell us why these…show more content…
Does your practice go over these regulations with the staff? If not, do you think they should? Explain your answer. No my practice does not go over these regulations with our staff. They do let us know if something goes wrong or someone does something wrong whether or not they could lose their license for it or not. I do think it is important for them to explain it to us. We should understand how the Veterinarian world works and why they have these regulations in place. If we don’t understand the why, then the staff is less likely to follow them. 3. Find out what your state guidelines are for certification/licensing/registration of technicians. How do you get certified and how much CE (including how often) do you have to do to maintain it? Make sure the information you find is for technicians and not veterinarians. Include the link of where you obtain this…show more content…
This articles goes over what the implications are for docking a dogs tail and whether or not it really is in the dogs best interest because of their breed and the work that they do or the human benefit. It discusses the actual pain level a dog goes through when the tail is docked. It lets you know about any help concerns and complications that may arise with a tail docking such as delayed healing and necrosis. When it comes to dog shows should the tail docking be allowed for the standard breeds that already have it, when amputation of a tail is not? Most veterinarians do not agree with the tail docking and nor does the rest of the general public. It is even found to be restricted in several countries including Norway, Australia, and South Africa. In the United Kingdom there was an act put in place in 2007 and no tail docked dog can be shown at any event. I picked this article because I have always been interested in why certain breeds get there tailed docked. I always wondered why they allowed it in dog shows for the standard breed, shouldn’t the standard for the breed be how it came out as a puppy? This article doesn’t go deep into that question but I find articles about tail dockings fascinating and I am always wanting to learn more. It is also very interesting to learn how other countries handle the
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