State Regulation Of Natural Gas Production

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Early April 2016, in an attempt to improve his approval rating amongst Michiganders and show that the filtered water in Flint is safe to drink, Governor Snyder pledged to drink and cook with the water for a month. The actions of Governor Snyder’s and the State’s broadcast of ongoing criminal charges was an attempt to fulfill the public’s need for transparency and accountability. Other elected officials throughout history have used a similar tactic to try to bring their point home. In the 80s, Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne moved into Cabrini-Green public housing during a wave of gun violence. Governor Hugh Carey of New York, known for being able to handle himself exceptionally well during a crisis once offered to drink a glass of…show more content…
Not only was it publicized in the news and radio but social media as well. Most of the criticism came from public Twitter rants and Facebook posts. Flint residents took to the streets in protest. This would eventually lead up to the formation of the Community Development Organization. This forum allowed individuals to share information with communities affected by the Flint water crisis. Governor Snyder was faced with a PR nightmare. So much so that he need hired public relations firm Mercury LLC to help with communication while the rest of his staff focused on helping Flint residents. The firm would provide assistance by helping Snyder formulate a response to the state on the Flint crisis. Furthermore, Snyder’s website Moving Michigan Forward would be updated. Previously the website focused on helping raise funds for social welfare organizations. The website had added an additional logo and slogan, “Taking action on Flint.” This section will provide viewers with up to date information and an opportunity to make donations to ensure the people of Flint receive the resources they need. Prior to taking office in 2011, Gov. Snyder was a former computer company executive. His PR team suggested his tactical approach be that of a corporate CEO. “Snyder needs to lay out the facts of the crisis, provide reassurance by telling what is being done to help and to assure nothing similar can happen in the future, and express concern for the
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