State Responses Of Dental Examiners

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While state responses to Dental Examiners have been limited, Kansas has many potential responses it could take. These approaches range significantly in how much disruption they may cause to the Kansas board system, and how much liability protection they may provide for boards. There are four main approaches, I will discuss, 1) maintaining the current system, 2) providing for the indemnification of state board members, 3) increasing supervision for state boards, and 4) changing the membership composition of state boards.
Maintain the Current System The first possible approach is to not make any changes to state boards and how they are supervised, and instead maintain the current system. There has been some dispute amongst scholars about whether states must take action due to Dental Examiners. For example, the National Conference of State Legislatures has suggested that states “now have to either staff [boards] differently or actively supervise them.” Other scholars have suggested that “the potential effect on the composition and actions of licensing agencies may have been overstated in some of the commentary following the decision." One author also suggested that the decision is unlikely to affect traditional regulatory regimes such as licensing and discipline decisions for individuals in professions, but there is certainly no majority opinion on this point. So what is clear is that we do not know what the long term effect of Dental Examiners will be. So how…
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