State Swim Analysis

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It was my first high school meet of the season and my nerves were on edge. All summer, I had been training hard to reach my goal of qualifying for the state swim meet. The event I had the best chance at was the 100 yard breaststroke. My time was only one second away from the qualifying time. As the race grew near, my nerves improved, and I believed that I could qualify. I stepped up onto the block, dove in, and swam my heart out. As I finished my race, I looked up from the pool and saw that I had shaved two seconds off my time. I had qualified! My family, coaches, and teammates all congratulated me on my accomplishment. Even though I was ecstatic at that moment, I knew that qualifying was only half the journey. I had a long road ahead of me…show more content…
I began to recall the many years swimming has been a part of my life. When I was eight years old, my mom signed me up for our local summer swimming league, and that summer I realized that I loved to swim. When summer rolled around every year, I was so excited to start swimming again. When I entered into the seventh grade, I started swimming for my middle school’s swim team. At that point in my life, I swam for fun. Even though we competed in meets, I wasn’t a very competitive person until the my eighth grade year. In eighth grade, I began to take competing seriously and tried to focus on improving my times. I even joined Crawfish Aquatics, a swimming program that trains you on the off-season, that year. Then, I was given some devastating news. “Madisen, I you need to take a year off of swimming,” my doctor told me and my mom. This news crushed my world. I had been having trouble with my knees for a while, but I always blew it off and kept swimming. When I finally went to the doctor and took multiple x-rays and MRIs, he informed me that I had broken cartilage in my right knee. He also said that this type of injury could only be fixed with time, so I was forced to sit out of swimming for my ninth grade…show more content…
It may sound strange, but I love competing against my teammates. There’s a feeling of comfort I get when I swim with others that I have known and trained with for numerous years. When it was time for the race, we all wished each other good luck and stepped onto the blocks. I wasn’t nearly as nervous swimming in this race than my first state race because I was familiar with the environment and people. When the buzzer rang, I dove in and swam as best as I could. My time went down from my previous race, but it was less than a second. I’m convinced it was because I swam an awesome race the first day and my body was still recovering. When the meet results came out, I placed fourteenth overall and our girls swim team came placed sixth. We were very excited because only four individuals and two relays qualified to move onto
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