State Theories And National Identity

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Challenges State theories and national identity have been reconstructed and the world has been changed because of the advance of globalization (Albrow, 1996). And some believe that national identity is a matter due to these changes. Firstly, it can be perceived that the national identity is going away when it meets up with expansion of the global village. The question is the manner in which, and this refers to the concept of identity with representation and characteristic of globalization. As was discussed before, identity is tightly linked with representation, and has a causal relationship. Thus, when representation has been transformed, identities will be reshaped as well. And depending on Harvey (1989), the world is smaller and smaller and appears to narrow to a global village. The point here is that this shrinking is not only being expressed on the space but also time, namely, dealing with the pressure of contractible world is a new task for contemporary people. The point here is the case that time and space also essential elements of representation (Hall, 1992). Therefore, with the globalization which time and space both be reduced, system of representation has been altered, and then national identities which are impacted by representation a lot can be described as gradually disappearing. To put it differently, in the modern world, we live with a collapsed time and space and implied distance, which impelling development of new tribalism and nationalism, and making
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