State and Employment Relationship

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State Should Stay out of Employment Relationship Employment Relations Introduction Employment relationship is a legal term referring to the relationship between the employer and the employee. The employee frequently referred to as the worker performs work for the employer for remunerations considerations under certain conditions. Employment relations stand out as the measure that guarantees the employee access to benefits and rights related to their work environment. Employment relationship is related with employee's social security and the labor laws that govern the working of the relationship ADDIN EN.CITE Smith P.2009405(Smith P.)40540517Smith P., 'New Labour and the commonsense of neoliberalism: trade unionism, collective bargaining and workers' rights'Industrial Relations JournalIndustrial Relations Journal337-3554042009( HYPERLINK l "_ENREF_8" o "Smith P., 2009 #405" Smith P.). New forms of the employment relationship are coming up as a consequence of changes in the world especially so in labor markets. It is clear that there is an increasing level of flexibility in the labor market that is leading to unclear statuses of employment for an increasing number of workers. According to, the director of International Labor Office, this challenge necessitates the state to undertake a leading role to enable workers security and flexibility for the enterprises ADDIN EN.CITE Hyman2009403(Hyman)4034036Hyman, R. 'The State in industrial relations', The Sage Handbook of
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