State of Purpose to Enter the Air Force

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Goal setting is vital to anyone with a mission. By having goals your capable of planning how your going to reach those goals you’ve set for yourself. My personal goals are to leave a legacy on my JROTC unit, increase my G.P.A and to become a general in the Air Force.
My first goal is to be able to bring my G.P.A. up to at least a 3.8 before this school year ends. I want to do this because I want to be salutatorian of my graduating class. Since our G.P.As aren’t that far apart I figured this is an attainable goal for me since I’m highly capable of increasing my grades dramatically by just Working hard in every class I have to receive straight As every quarter. So Far I have almost reached that goal I only received one B on my report card but I can still receive an A for the semester if I don’t let my Grade drop below an A in that class. I want to achieve this goal because I would like to prove to everyone that ever doubted my intelligence that I have the capability to achieve success rather they are in my corner or not. Although I am number 3 at this point being number 2 would be my biggest under dog accomplishment of my high school career. The reason that I want to go t accomplish is to set the bar for my younger siblings behind me; to show them that it is possible to achieve greatness although we have been through hard times in our life.
My next goal is to leave a lasting impression on my JROTC unit. In order to leave a legacy on my JROTC unit I’m going to have to do

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