State 's Control Over Sexuality

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In this paper, we will analyze different models of state power and apply them to how the state approaches the issue of HIV/AIDS. We will examine the issue in relation to how the state uses sexuality to control and regulate its population. We will utilize Dean Spade’s principle of “population-management power” for such ends and contrast it with other models of state power and their shortages when we try to explain the state’s control over sexuality. First, we outline the theoretical framework of power models on which this paper will be built. The conventional way of thinking about oppression usually revolves around laws that discriminate against specific groups because of specific features that are claimed to be “inherent” and “wrong” pertaining to that specific group that don’t match the normal view of society of a “good” citizen. Hence, most of the discourse on the subject of oppression has been dedicated to introduction or reform of laws that nullify this oppression and advance the status of those oppressed groups in the name of human rights. This is particularly what Dean Spade refers to as the Victim-Perpetrator model of power (Spade 102). Under this model, power operates through subtraction and exclusion from full citizenship. This is evident in exclusionary practices when it comes to property, health, etc. such as in the case of racism (Spade 117). However, this model isn’t seen as oppressive because it operates under the framework of equality that the state claims.
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