Stategic Planning for The University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

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The University Hospital Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is a teaching hospital that provides specialist and general services to the people of Bristol, England and the wider South West. The hospital is already recognized for the strength of their clinical services, research portfolio in cancer, and pediatric services. The hospital employs more than 7,000 (uhbristol/About Us, 2013) health care workers and operates across eight hospital sites. One of the hospital’s goals is to be recognized for the excellence of the outcomes they achieve for their patients and the quality of the patient experience while under their care.
In 2010, the Board of University Hospital Bristol began a process in order to ensure that the hospital continues to improve
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Their plan includes increasing efficiency and performance across all departments. In order to achieve this, they are focusing on creating a more flexible infrastructure that will allow the hospital to respond to changes in demand as well as patient initiatives (, 2010). Another factor in helping the hospital to achieve their goals is the further investing in the infrastructure which will allow them to compete with other health care facilities for patient care and also an increased cash flow.
It should be noted that the hospital has also created strategic planning for collaborative work with other health care factions in order to create the proper levels of access and quality in all departments and other facilities in order to ensure the best care is given across all demographics and geographic lines. This collaborative work not only benefits the communities, but also creates a network of services that can better serve the residents and all other health care workers and organizations. This collaboration can also ensure the profitability and sustainability of not only Bristol, but also the partnering organizations. This leads to the final strategic planning goal of understanding the profitability of procedures and patient care.
With the finances of the hospital being as it is, it is imperative to note that if a situation arose whereby the nursing union has begun bargaining and has demanded a ten percent increase in salaries, a
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