Statement Of Biotechnology

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Biotechnology functions to living organisms or any technological application that uses biological systems. I don’t remember when I showed interest in that subject first, but I liked to read science articles and watch national geographic since I was young. It was just a simple interest and curiosity about science at first, but it developed to the aspiration of studying specific major of biotechnology when I chose IB subjects. After I had a conversation with teachers, peers, parents, and other acquaintance about science subjects and reflected my past science classes, I chose biology and chemistry in order to study biotechnology in the near future. The reason why I want to study biotechnology is that I would like to work in the laboratory and…show more content…
It was a challenge to live in a developing country in Southeast Asia trying to speak a new language. I adamantly refused to even walk out the front door because of the fear of studying in different circumstances. But as I left Korea, I realized that Vietnam is a bigger world for me. In Korea, I have learned everything based upon the perspective of Korean, but as I moved to International school, the teachers and the students vary in nationalities, so I was able to learn how to respect other cultures and to accept the diversity of individuals. After I moved to Vietnam, I became the person who understands the differences and accepting other people’s ideas. As I keep experiencing new things, I am not afraid of the changes anymore and became an assertive student who continues to challenge myself. I played flute in Saigon music concert because I like the harmony created by different instruments, and I participated in the Saigon enterprise competition as I wanted to learn more about marketing. I also went to Malaysia for Southeast Asia Math competition as a school representative team. I earned a lot of values that I would have never got in
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