Statement Of Computer Science

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After graduating highschool, I really want to get into computer science. Growing up, I really enjoyed playing video games and wondering how the mechanics of a video game works. My curiosity grew quickly in looking into computer science and wanting to learn the basics. When I was ten years old, I found out that coding was a major aspect computer science.
I feel that I really fit majoring in computer science because I am very responsible and respectful therefore, I will not have any issues in my classes or with my professors. I feel that my professors would find me to be very trustworthy because of my kindness and activeness that I currently portray in my computer science class. I am currently learning javascript. It is one of many coding languages. I really would love to learn C++ and python as additional
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Living alone as a college student could be expensive, it all depends on where I go to college. If I go to a local college that is about, at max, two hours away, I would live at home. Anything further away I will have no choice but to live on my own. If I ever need guidance and support for anything. I would ask my cousin who is currently a programmer. He can give me tips and maybe increase my knowledge in coding by showing and teaching me how to code efficiently.
Computer science is one of my biggest interests. Something other than computer science that interests me would have to be real estate. This can be something I can do as a side job to make a little more money. Investing in houses is something some of my family loves to do, seeing their interest in it only made me want to look into it even more. My family is always there to follow and support me through any obstacles in life, hoping to make me as successful as I want to be.
I will always contribute to the needs of society by always helping those of need and always giving back to others. Just like how my family and friends can help me with
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