Statement Of Ethical Standards For Employees

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Officers, Directors and Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for upholding a public trust. We are called to a higher standard of stewardship in order to meet the special privileges that our tax-exempt status allows. Actions of Board Members, Officers and Directors should meet or exceed these higher standards rather than only minimally satisfy the requirements of tax-exempt status. Areas of behavior to be avoided include personal conflicts of interest by Board Members, Officers, and Directors, questionable investments, improper use of funds raised (especially for personal inurement), expensive and inefficient fundraising practices, failure to meet legal requirements and similar offenses.

The Board Members, Officers and Directors of Sinai Free Synagogue (hereinafter, the "Corporation") have adopted the following policy designed to avoid any possible conflict between the personal interests of Board Members, Officers and Directors and the interests of the Corporation. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that decisions about the operations of the Corporation and the use and disposition of the Corporation assets are made solely in terms of benefit to the Corporation and are not influenced by any private profit or other personal benefit to the individuals affiliated with the Corporation who take part in such decisions. In addition to actual conflicts of interest, Board

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