Statement Of MS In Computer Science

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“The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become.”

These golden words said by an American Entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, perfectly second my decision to pursue MS in Computer Science. It is by working over two years in a reputed firm as a Strategy and Business development, I have rediscovered my passion for MS in Computer Science and decided to groom myself as an IT Software Specialist. Hence, I wish to take the path of academics and research in order to sharpen my skills, deepen my acumen on the subject and meet my objectives. This course is actually close to my expectations and interests. Computer Science has always been my passion and obsession since my childhood. I’m very passionate towards computers and gaming and I used to solve puzzle, so I choose Computer Science in my undergraduate and later in college I was introduced to programming languages and from then passion towards the Computer related work became very strong. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics, which set me apart from the rest, is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am a person with a technical aptitude and a keen interest in self development.
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They provoked me in dreaming big. I was always interested in this field. I took a decision of doing MS in Computer Science. My short-term goal is to place myself as an efficient engineer of a renowned organization where I can give a better shape to my skills and capabilities and to be in a process of continuous learning. Before that I will have to prepare myself for being efficient in implementing those ideas, which is, indeed, not easy. Master’s Degree in Computer Science will help me develop these skills and in return help me become a successful IT Software Specialist. I trust that the degree at your reputed institute would be a natural and correct step towards achieving my
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