Statement Of Personal Statement For Sop For Civil Engineering

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Ever since my childhood I was very much fascinated about the buildings and roads, that desire lead me to opt for Civil Engineering in under graduation. Even when I stood at the crossroads to my future, it is the most multi-disciplinary scope and the down-to-earth realistic nature of ‘Civil Engineering’ amongst the various domains available that attracted me to tread the path of Civil Engineering. And I found my calling.
With a strong background in math and physics, I made it to GITAM University- one of the premium professional institutes for Engineering in India. The wide array of subjects offered at this university helped widen my scope. With all
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As I graduated as a Transportation Engineer from Cleveland State University, I am very much interested to pursue my Doctoral program in Soil Engineering as it plays an important role in both laying roads as well as constructing buildings.

While pursuing my Graduation in your University, I happened to excel in the academics with an overall GPA of 3.73/4.0 by securing good grades in subjects like Advanced Soil Mechanics, Traffic Flow Theory, Civil Engineering System Analysis, GIS Foundation, Highway Engineering, Advanced GIS and Airport Engineering.

Securing good grades in the subjects has helped me in attaining Graduate Assistantship for two semesters under Dr.Lutful I Khan,where I happened to associate with him in grading the undergrads, explaining laboratory experiments , and conducting exams. This association with Dr.Khan in laboratory and the encouragement given by Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins has motivated me and boosted up my confidence to take up the doctoral program in your

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