Statement Of Professional Plans And Goals

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Statement of Professional Plans and Goals Introduction This letter includes details of my personal background, career objectives and personal evaluation relevant to the application for a Master’s of Social Work. As part of this letter, I will include personal life experiences that I consider the key characteristics of my life that have defined my character and have shaped my values and beliefs. Furthermore, I will relate my career goals and the reasons why I consider that I would be an effective clinical social work student and discuss what makes me ready for graduate school. I will my weakness and strengths. In addition, I will explain why I believe that Widener University is the best fit for me and why I am a suitable fit for Widener University. Personal Background I grew up in the Dominican Republic; I was the only child of a single mother and a small family. My father had other families and other children, but they were older than me which lead to us not being close at all. Nevertheless, my father has always been supportive of me. Similarly to most people out there, I was raised with a forward thinking mentality with hopes of a better future. When I was fifteen my mother became sick and passed away when I was sixteen years old. That was the most difficult time in my life. I found myself alone without a single person who to trust or to look up to. Then, I moved with my uncle and his family, the only brother my mother had. I spent nearly six months living at
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