Statement Of Purpose: Border Patrol

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Today I researched 3 careers that I would like to further more explore once I graduate high school, these three careers were border patrol, military officer and nurse. All these jobs interest me because I would like to do any of the three, they are all very well paying jobs and they seem like very interactive and fun something’s I would like to do because desk jobs aren’t for me. So I am going to explain why I chose each job. Being a border patrol seems very fun; the starting off salary is 52,000 which are even more of what the average teacher here in Douglas makes. Being a border patrol would be such a fun job because you literally go out into the field and have fun and do many interactive things. But at the same time it could have its downside if you have a nice personality, in this job you have to be…show more content…
I have watched shows on TLC of ER doctors and nurses and they seem to see bizarre things that are rather quite interesting. Being a nurse means I will make a ton of money and that’s my goal. Nursing is a lot of schooling and not only that you have to have a really strong stomach to do some of the nasty jobs a nurse has to do. The schooling is a 2 or more year degree in nursing and another few in math which isn’t bad. I already take principals of biomedical sciences class here at the high school so that would be a great job that I am very interested in
These were the 3 job careers I chose I would like to go into once my high school education is over. My order of choices would be Border Patrol then military officer then a nurse. In each three of these careers I would be making a good starting salary and I would even be getting all the good benefits from each of the jobs. I am very good with the schooling needed in each of these careers so that would not be a problem for me. Nursing requires math nursing and sciences and those are my best school subjects. I would love to get into these careers once I graduate high
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