Statement Of Purpose: Eagle Scout

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I believe leadership and service are two of the most important aspects of an individual; they are very telling of someone’s work ethic and internal motivation, and they help drive our nation forward. Without leadership and service, we would not be where we are today. Through the United States Senate Youth Program, I believe I can showcase and further develop my leadership skills, and demonstrate my ability to serve others and truly connect with them. My position as Senior Patrol Leader in my Boy Scout Troop is no doubt the most important feature of my leadership experience. I am currently at the very end of the process of attaining my Eagle Scout rank; by the time Washington Week occurs, I will have been an official Eagle Scout for some time.…show more content…
I am ranked third in my class with a career GPA of 4.0, and I am a member of National Honor Society and the Gifted Program. Through my 10 years of Scouting and my involvement in KAY Club and NHS, I have logged countless hours of community and school service hours; I feel that I have a true impact on my community. My Eagle Scout Project is the rehabilitation of our Dog Park by raising funding for and installing five items of Dog Agility Equipment, improving the quality of the park and the surrounding neighborhood. My general plans for college are to major in Political Science and Public Administration at Kansas University, then attain a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, with the possibility of a Doctorate in Political Science. I will pursue a career in Politics or Public Administration, continuing my leadership and service to my community, state, and nation. Overall, I feel that I am a well-rounded and qualified candidate for the 2017 USSYP Delegation from Kansas; as an active youth in my community that cares about Politics and the way our country operates, a Washington Week experience would benefit and boost my knowledge, political experience, and help me grow in leadership, hopefully culminating into a career of public service to our great state and even greater
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