Statement Of Purpose For AVID

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I would like to be in the AVID program to help with planning my future. I have been putting in lots of work on finding the right college for me. Nobody in my family has ever been to a university I am looking more at universities for college. My parents have helped me look into many professions for a lifelong career. The Gear Up program has also helped me greatly with this. The Gear Up program has helped me in my college planning and my life beyond high school. I am working on going to Emporia State University tour over the summer that is put on by Gear up. The Emporia State University trip will be shared with students from all over Kansas. I will even get to go to some of the college classes offered at Emporia State University. The Emporia State University trip will expand my knowledge of colleges and what to look for.…show more content…
I currently have a 4.0 GPA so i’m doing well in school but I still need help with high school and picking the right college for me. AVID is the best way to help me into the college I need to be a successful person. I expect many challenges but I will try my best to overcome them in the time through high school. Thank you for reading my
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