Statement Of Purpose For Electronics And Communication Engineering

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE There are various factors for which a person can be classified into which status he belongs to. According to me, I would rate Education as the first and the foremost factor. But having education from an ordinary institute is very much different from having it in a good institution comprising of high standards. For having such education from such institutions, apart from money a person should have zeal and should be curious towards learning new things. Curiosity is the first and the foremost quality which drives a person towards learning new things. From my childhood one of my qualities which drove me to this position is my robust zeal which I have possessed right from childhood. My interest, passion, dedication in every…show more content…
Mathematics and Sciences truly enchanted me because they governed everything around me. Participation in school competitions like Quiz, games, cultural activities always demanded an innovative perspective in me. During those years, working of The Television I see, The Telephone I speak, The Music system I listen to used to fascinate me. It was in my high school that I could reason out that it is because of Electronics that makes these things possible. That sealed my interest for higher studies. I worked to get admission into the highly competitive Electronics and Communication Engineering field. My determination got me into G.Pulla Reddy engineering college, Kurnool. During my undergraduate studies, the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and potential really shaped me considerably. I acquired the fundamentals of various subjects like Linear and Digital Integrated circuits, Analog and Digital Communications, Satellite Communications, Microprocessors, Digital Signal Processing, Radar System and Microwave Engineering, C language, Database management system, AIS, IIS,
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