Statement Of Purpose For Financial Management Accounting

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Financial Management Accounting has been developing since the evolution of International Financial Reporting Standards. The significance of highly qualified management accountants is crucial for public and private enterprises, developing countries, startups, and others. Personally, I have chosen Oulu University and Financial Management Accounting due to several reasons that are based on my experience and motivation. I am a competent candidate for applying to study in Financial Management Accounting Master's Degree program at Oulu University. The first reason of applying is to develop the most essential set of skills in order to produce the best results possible. Some individuals claim that education is an ongoing process from birth till death. It sounds a bit ruthless, but this is a true claim. The general objective of a management accountant is to provide decision-making information in a certain economic situation; provide justification for a price increase, forecast and plan different financial results. Therefore, the data that is provided should be maximum accurate, well-prepared and…show more content…
For instance, academic mobility by Ministry of Education program is one of them. I have studied at Warsaw University, Poland (28 ECTS). The selected subjects were in Accounting and Economics: Accounting, Strategic Accounting, Taxation, Trade Policy, Family politics. Another personal accomplishment is an acquisition of LCCI Business English Certification for managers. This qualification helps me to write business letters and build efficient communication at work. At college and university, I participated at some scientific conferences. One of my themes was «The benefits and drawbacks of the WTO integration into Kazakh economy». This additional experience, which had been received from different institutions, will support my successful completion of Financial Management Accounting
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