Statement Of Purpose For Food Science

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I had always been a picky eater. Growing up, I found certain foods like crushed soybeans repulsive. Despite my parents’ encouragements to consume the dark green stew for its health benefits, I found the grainy texture and bitter aftertaste really off-putting. I’ve always wondered, “isn’t there a way to make food that is both healthy and delicious while accommodating someone with zero cooking skills like myself?” This question led me to study food science for my undergraduate degree. As a source of sustenance and a factor that influences us physically, emotionally, and culturally, food is such an integral part of our lives, and I decided it is the most practical target application for my passion for the sciences.
As an undergraduate, I assisted in Dr. Moraru’s lab processing samples of high pressure processed (HPP) milk proteins. While tedious, I still enjoyed the experimentation and data collection process. Discussions on structural changes happening to the milk proteins post HPP at the chemical level are intriguing, but I was still
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I did exactly that by immersing in a full-time position as a food industry analyst. I researched trends within the food industry and advised clients on decision-making surrounding emerging food and nutrition technologies. My background in food science prepared me to tackle projects such as measuring the feasibility of alternative sweeteners for sugar reduction of various products, evaluating the potential of applying microbial cultures or their metabolites as substitutes of chemical preservatives, and comparing different forms of active packaging that can deliver products with a clean label claim. The position allowed me the opportunity to better understand the food industry landscape, understand major drivers for innovations, and get a “big picture” idea of industry
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