Statement Of Purpose For Geotechical Engineering

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As the world is moving towards more advancement, many constructions are planned and constructed day to day. Any structural construction simply stands on the soil. So, Geotechnical Engineering has much more to do with every construction being planned. Always being an enthusiast to learning and innovation, the four-year undergraduate degree inspired me to achieve and learn more.

As time passed with technical knowledge, I became more interested in-depth knowledge. Many factors have triggered my mind and influenced me for pursuing a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering with the major in Geotechnical Engineering. Basic ideas in this field made me go to retrieve more. My interest in Geotech was sparked by the Geotechnical aspect of our country and mainly a part of Pokhara Valley (my residential place) where Sink Hole formation has been a prominent problem in last
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Here my major responsibility is to make designs of safer residential buildings which are earthquake resistant as well. Along with these duties, I am responsible for doing site surveys for building construction and make sure the place where construction work is to be carried out is geologically safe. After my college, I spent almost three months as a Surveyor under the Department of Burea and Statistics of Nepal and worked on five VDC’s of Kaski District. During this time I accessed the damage caused by the Nepal Earthquake of 2015 on the structures. While working I also got the chance to analyze the causes of destruction and found out that the geological aspect too had a vital role in building collapse. Also, the structures were wanting a proper engineering guidance and construction technology. During this time, I found out that many people were unaware of the need for soil tests to be conducted before construction. In here I realized the need to develop my designing skills and to research and learn more on geotechnical part of the
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