Statement Of Purpose For Journalism

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Ezra Pound once said that literature is news that stays news. For me, literature is the very essence of the enduring power of any great work of art. In journalism industry, it plays an important and fundamental role in news reporting and communication. I deem literature is the art that uses language as a media, depicting information about humanity and ways of living. Journalism, flourished by the news that is constantly changing around this globe, is an ultra-competitive modern media market that needs versatile, multimedia journalists with cutting-edge academic and vocational skills, to influence people and the world. My parents came from little so that made a choice to give a lot. They care much about my education, more than I do. My father…show more content…
Your program enjoys a high reputation of journalism and communication education in the world. I will master advanced journalism knowledge and new technologies through the curriculum like Applied Communication Research, Journalism Theory and Analysis, and Media Management etc. In addition, I will cultivate my creative skills, critical and technical abilities of flexibly applying communication theories and media techniques to the analysis and management of the ever-changing new media environment. After graduation, I will work in an organization as a reporter firstly, mainly focusing on public welfare of ordinary people and defending the rights of them, by using powerful communication channels to bring attention to nowadays issues. Several years later, I wish to become an independent journalist dedicated to fair and accurate reporting and analysis of civil rights and social justices. Whatever it is, my interest and responsibility would always revolve around covering the truth as a journalist, using it as a tool to make a positive impact on the community and even the whole
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