Statement Of Purpose For Landscape Architecture

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Three years ago, if someone asks me if I want to be a Landscape Architect, I would say No, I don’t even know what Landscape Architecture is. If anyone asks me the same question today, my answer is I don’t know what else I can be, other than a Landscape Architect. In my last year of L.Arch Undergraduate program, I started to think of what my future plan is, and what I want to achieve in my life in Landscape Architecture. I realized I have goals which can be achieved and dreams that can only be achieved through hard work and luck. To further elaborate, I will categorize them into short term goal, long term goal and advocator. After I graduate from the undergraduate program, I am thinking of applying for an Architecture Masters Degree or a…show more content…
This shows how important it is, to let the public knows that their actions actually matters to the world. Especially during my study abroad program, where I travelled to a number of European countries, it is obvious to me that the Northern Europe is way more aware of this situation and their way of living is comparably more conscious of their actions than the current situation in the United States is. Comparably, if the United States can have the same state of mind as these “Green” countries, the ripple effect will be way stronger than those countries as well. This gives me a strong motion to educate my future clients about the impacts they can make and how they can actually do the world a better good.
The process of writing this paper helped me define my future goals and objectives. Before I started this assignment, I have no idea what I want to do in the future. I always thought I will just graduate and start working. I originally have no plan of what I am going to do in the future, I kept having the mindset of I can think about this when I’m about to graduate, but through thinking of the goals and objectives, I actually managed to find out what I want to
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