Statement Of Purpose For Mechanical Engineering

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Statement of Purpose
Robert F. Kennedy’s famous words, “The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better” from his book ‘Thirteen days’ captures the purpose of human life. It can be applied to engineering profession as well. Engineers strive hard to provide superior technological solutions to the pre-existing problems. I wished to become a part of the reason how things get developed better in the future. Thus, engineering became my obvious choice after my high school as it specifically catered to my ambition. Being highly interested in Physics and Mathematics, it seemed fairly natural that I choose Mechanical Engineering branch which primarily involves studying these wonderful subjects.
I completed my higher secondary examination scoring an aggregate of 96%. Owing to my excellent academic testimonials, I got the opportunity to study in one of the prestigious private institutions of the country. SRM University has consistently ranked among the top 10 institutions of the country and has the state of the art facilities for research. Also, it is one of the few institutions in the
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As part of my academic program, I embarked on projects that seasoned my fundamentals and applied skills. During my pre-final project as a part of Automation Laboratory curriculum, I worked with a group of five students to design a Pneumatic Gear Shifter which could be installed in automobiles and several other machines. In this project, we applied the optimisation techniques to obtain an efficient system, by varying the pressures and piston lengths and calculating the reaction times and extension velocities obtained. This project earned me good reviews from the department and also a top grade in the
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