Statement Of Purpose For Pharmacy

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The future may be uncertain that injects fear into the minds of some people. When it comes to me, I learn to interpret that the very uncertainty of the future is full of opportunities, for exploration to discover something I am passionate about. In the beginning, I expected to be a clinical pharmacist at a hospital, since I had taken a pharmacy degree with clinical pharmacy major. Nevertheless, the food and beverage industry has captivated my interest enough for me to pursue a career in it, especially related to the innovation and development of functional foods.

During my undergraduate studies in the field of pharmacy at the University of Surabaya (UBAYA), I took a leave of absence for one year (2 semesters) which I requested several weeks before the orientation week started. I used this authorized break to refresh my mind by traveling to some parts of China and to other countries. I also took a short course on taxation, to gain new knowledge related to business aspects, with the thought that this would be beneficial later. Instead of losing the desire to get back into the struggles of the academic world after a leave of
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Surya Pratama, an Indonesia-based company that produces bottled water. Working as a quality assurance officer at this factory since May 2015, I take the responsibility of guaranteeing that our products are in accordance with established regulations. The insights related to the pragmatic implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), which I gained from my previous minor internship at the Army Pharmacy Institute (Lafi Ditkesad) which produces medicines for the Indonesian army, have been useful in my present job. My current position has augmented my knowledge about the water treatment process for the production of standard drinking water that is a vital part of the food and beverage
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