Statement Of Purpose: Glen Walter The USAFA

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In my drive to enter the USAFA, I need to express in writing what attributes I embody. I’m told by my cadre that the attributes which place me at the top of our 250 cadet unit are as follows: foresight, decisiveness, approach, commitment, common vision, integrity, and persistence. Each attribute I address in this communication will give further insight to my team-first attitude in regards to getting the mission accomplished. Foresight pertains to seeing beyond the horizon. In my humble opinion, this means to prepare now with the luxury of time that might not be available later. My Flight Instructor, Col Glen Whicker (USAF Ret.) always emphasized, “Always stay ahead of the aircraft.” At the Academy I look forward to not only staying ahead of the game, but I will also help the other cadets flourish in such a demanding environment. Another attribute that describes me is decisiveness. While training for my Private Pilot’s license, I was flying a solo flight cross country and encountered a GPS failure. I shifted to backup sectional charts and VOR navigation, thus continuing the mission. During my time at the…show more content…
I a firm believer that the only time you actually fail is when you give up. A quote by Gena Showalter says, “Giving up is the only sure way to fail.” Leaders never give up. They are persistent in attaining the success of their team. Leaders must be persistent, and as an academy cadet, I know I will be persistent in motivating others to succeed. I will always bear down and be diligent in addressing the rigors of the academy life. An appointment to the USAFA would allow me to serve the best country in the world, the United States of America. I desire to be that next great leader to graduate from the USAFA. I am humbled knowing that I have a chance to take this next step in my life as a leader and look forward to attending and contributing to the class of
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