Statement Of Purpose In Accounting

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It all started when I was in standard four, my mother asked my ambition and I said that I want to become a cashier in supermarket. Well, I still young and do not any knowledge regarding accounting. At that time, I only know how to calculate simple calculation. For me, accounting is a basis part in our life because I am very sure that everyone use this accounting concepts in their daily life. For instances, they check how much money that they had spent on that day or even a business firms will record their daily transactions whether it gain or loses. The words ‘Accounting’ begin to develop in myself when I was in high school. This leads me to the world of accounting. In addition, I become more passionate in accounting and finance because my father is a sole proprietorship and he own a small chemical substances business so my passion grow more within business. This enable me to understand some of financial concepts which inspire me to pursue my degree study in university to become a chartered accountant.
My favourite subject is mathematics which it help me to think in order to solve the problems. As time passing by, I become more clear that anyone
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I have able to handle the data accurately during my Accounting Information System subject. Studying business ethics make me realize into the people attitude and behavior within the society. Law have given me knowledge of legal system to determine the implication of my action within organizations when looking and handling the people accounts. Financial Reporting Accounting taught me more than I could imagined, which it broaden my knowledge in different aspects and concepts of accounts whether in ledger account, partnership dissolution account or company transactions. Besides, this enhance my problem solving and analyzing skills. Overall, I had gain my confident when assignment presentation and think more
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