Statement Of Purpose In Industrial Engineering

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STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Passion, professionalism and perseverance are the three qualities that run my academic and professional life. Years of undergraduate study and professional experience have brought me understanding of various domains and aspects of industrial engineering. Imagine an experience of studying in a group of people with maths, science and business acumen which has its applications in all fields from engineering product design to business models. Such an amalgamation of experiences can only be achieved by pursuing my master’s degree in Industrial engineering. Since high school I was incredibly passionate about being in leadership positions with aim of helping others to do something meaningful. Growing up in a family inclined towards the sciences, I have always been tinkering around with all kinds of gadgets. Hence when it came to take undergraduate studies, Mechanical engineering was the only natural choice. Prompted by my undergraduate education in mechanical engineering at highly reputed VIT University, Vellore where subjects like Manufacturing Processes, Industrial management and Operation research instilled in me a desire to delve deeper into the various specialties of mathematics and statistics. Over time I began to develop a penchant over these courses which had project components on a wide…show more content…
Areas of study dealt in your programme like design and control of production systems, operational scheduling, inventory, demand forecasting, layout, material handling, warehousing, and logistics systems are perfectly conducive to my goals both practically and intellectually. The fact that makes me excited about ISE at NCSU is that I will be able to research in fields of production, logistics and human systems which will enable me to solve any performance or bottleneck issues in any
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