Statement Of Purpose: Information Systems Management

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The next generation of leaders needs to be able to rely on robust networking and information systems that create healthy, stable, and profitable organizations. Information systems managers have become critical parts of any organization's core team. System management is one of the most crucial roles within any organization because of the sensitivity and value of the organization's critical data. I am passionate about information systems management for three reasons. First, the path offers me the ability to maximize my potential as a leader. Already a visionary with solid people skills, I possess the skills necessary to inspire those around me to reach organizational goals. Second, information systems management is a career path that combines a socially conscious vision with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. I cannot work if I do not have a mission or central vision. That vision needs to be socially conscious, working towards a more sustainable and just future. I seek information systems management as a means to bridge the gap between rich and poor in developing nations, to help those nations grow by fostering the growth of small and large industry. Third, as an information manager, I will be leading the next generation of companies as part of the corporate team. I can and will develop new methods of helping organizations safeguard, manage, and control their most valuable assets. I learned several computing and programming languages, including scripts, while in middle
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