Statement Of Purpose: My Journey To Bucks County Community College

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After 2 years of going to Bucks County Community College under a Business Administration degree It was time for me to transfer. At this point in my academic career I wanted to move onto better things that would make my educational path more involved and help me be more successful when it comes to my career. I felt that Rider University was the best option for me and the path I plan to take. Waiting was never an option for me, I want to transfer right after I acquire my associates degree from Bucks County Community College. I’m the type of person that is very assertive and dedicated when it comes to mostly everything but mainly my career. I plan to be very successful and I plan to do whatever it takes to get to where I desire to be. When I started going to Bucks County Community College I was told by many professors that It would be very difficult to acquire an associate's degree is only 2 years.…show more content…
I now have completed 60 credits in only two years at Bucks County Community College, something I was told that was impossible. I believe that when I transfer to Rider university I will be able to maintain my academic performance and improve it day by day. I believe that doing this will not only give myself a better life and career but also maintain Riders wonderful name and the alumni that follows. I would love to be able to give back to Rider after I have graduated with the career that they helped me pursue and share my success with the other students that have dreams like myself in becoming successful, doing whatever it takes and then taking action on
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