Statement Of Purpose Of Physical Chemistry

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Statement of Purpose
It was an introductory class on physical chemistry and our chemistry teacher was teaching us the allotropes of carbon . At the end of the class, he asked us, “ What do you think makes a small piece of diamond more precious than tons of charcoal , although they are made up of same carbon atoms ?
Is it its appearance? No. It’s the pressure that the carbon endured for thousands of years to become a diamond”. “A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled the pressure well”, he quoted. “No pressure, No diamond. Pressure shapes a diamond, in the same way, persistence in challenging situation shapes a man” - I still remember all these words from my high school chemistry teacher which made a huge
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My course in electrical electronic and magnetic material s helped me grasp fabrication techniques quickly and engineering physics helped me understand spectroscopy techniques. Working on this project not only improved my analytical and technical skills but also made me realize the importance of methodical knowle dge and appropriate groundwork but also fortified my confidence to pursue graduate studies.
As a graduate student, my goals are to explore various prospects of material science and alleviate the problems related to materials in the society. This allows me to expand my knowledge and familiarize myself with different field s of research. And I believe Arizona State University is the ideal place to begin my quest. Arizona State University is among the best technical universities

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