Statement Of Purpose Of Robots

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Statement of Purpose

Robots are going to be new citizens in the human society. Day by day it proved its capabilities and capacity, starting from very sophisticated Medical Surgeries to versatile and simple pick and place application. New and innovative concepts like Origami Robots, Spatial Manipulators, Biological Robots and many such have justified their importance. The core aspect of all such robots and families is their peculiar Kinematics and Dynamics. So, at the heart of all such innovation, it requires fundamental excellence and knowledge in this field. Stanford University stands for legacy in Innovation and Robotics. It is always a preference to work in kinematics in this university. Various labs like Biomimetics and Dextrous Manipulation Laboratory and Stanford Robotics Laboratory Inspires me a lot.
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During master of technology at IIT-Bombay l took courses like kinematics and dynamics of machines, which was an extension of an undergraduate course, a course of Computer Simulation of Machines was an excellent exercise on developing our own code to simulate the mechanisms and a course of advanced engineering Dynamics had provided an insight into Non-Linear systems. I took a Seminar on Kinematics and Dynamics of Tensegrity Mechanism. During all these academic exercises, I developed the sense of Kinematics and Dynamics. It was the parallel practice of Physics, Mathematics, Imagination, and Art. Based on this only, in my master’s thesis work a new spatial parallelogram mechanism was invented and undergone intellectual property rights. At Stanford, courses like Advance Kinematics(Me330) and Kinematic Synthesis of Mechanisms (Me 331) will be compelling with my
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